Child - Mage Illusionist


Gemini is a queer odd looking child, a hairless albino human girl of 12 summers. Yet she still has homely mannerisms that have a way of befriending big brutes and bringing a light hearted appreciation to others for the simple pleasures in lifeā€¦like fishing. Gemini has a knack for fishing and no matter the hardships or trials on the road, fishing is how she hopes to end each day. More importantly, Gemini has discovered she has a natural knack in wizardry. But coming from no family of worth, no way of paying for a proper education, she is searching for the one travelling wizard who exposed her to her natural talents and gave her a grimoire to start from. Gemini growing up a street urchin never thought she would live long, barely surviving off of street smarts. But her future has hope that she may harness her wizardry talents and do something important in life. Still shocked at the notion of using arcane, she is a bit jumpy and clumsy when using spells and always shocked when things go off without hitch. But again, the simple things and little victories make her smile.

Human Wizard


Gemini spent most of her life in the streets of Fallcrest, serving various masters to make ends meet. She is most notably known for looking on the bright side of life and finding like minded adventurers who can appreciate a youthful approach to life. Might as well enjoy whatever short-lived destiny that is in store for us.


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